In contacts with the National Center for Research and Development, the entitled person has the right to use the so-called a foster person. A person who is at least 16 years of age and has been elected by an authorized person in order to facilitate communication with the authorized person and help him or her in dealing with different issues.

The employees of the National Center for Research and Development do not require the authorized person to present documents confirming the knowledge of Polish sign language (PJM), sign language system (SJM) or the way in which deafblind people communicate (SKOGN).

The processing of information and data when authorized person is supported by the foster person takes place in order to ensure that the communication is provided with the employees of the National Center for Research and Development.

Information on communication support measures

In addition, we kindly inform you that the National Center for Research and Development, in order to allow contact between people experiencing permanent or periodic difficulties in communication, provides access to the interpreting services:

  • PJM (Polish sign language)
  • SJM (Sign language system)
  • SKOGN (Methods of communication for deafblind people)

In order to use the interpreter service (PJM, SJM and SKOGN), the authorized person *should report the willingness to use this service at least 3 working days prior to the planned visit (starting from the application day), except in urgent cases (not less than 1 working day - starting from the application day).

The willingness to use the help of an interpreter can be reported by downloading the application form (version of the ".doc" form). After completing the form, please send it back using one of the chosen methods:

  • by e-mail to the following address:,
  • by fax to: (0-22) 20 13 408,
  • by mail to: National Center for Research and Development, 47A Nowogrodzka, 00-695 Warsaw,
  • submit in person at the office of the National Center for Research and Development with headquarters at 47a Nowogrodzka, 00-695 Warsaw at the Chancellery of the National Center for Research and Development (room No. 204, floor 2), which is open from Monday to Friday from 8.15-16.15,
  • by sending a text message to the telephone number 519 685 263, containing the elements indicated in the form.

Correspondence sent by mail or transmitted via the NCBR office should be marked on the envelope with the following entry: "PJM, SJM and SKOGN interpreter service".

If it is not possible to provide PJM, SJM, SKOGN interpreter services, the National Center for Research and Development will justify the refusal to provide the service while setting a new date for the exercise of entitlement or provide information on the possibility of using other means of communication to contact the office.

* Free interpreter service (PJM) is entitled to disabled people within the meaning of the Act on Vocational and Social Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities, ie persons with official certification of their disability.

Information regarding the documents placed at 

If you need a document in a different format, for example print enlarged, please contact via email at: 

Availability of the building

The headquarters of the National Center for Research and Development is located in a seven-story Roma Office Center building at 47a Nowogrodzka Street. The main entrance is from Nowogrodzka Street, an additional entrance is located from St. Barbara Street.

In front of the building from the side of Nowogrodzka Street there are paid parking places in the paid parking zone. Close to the entrance to the building there are 2 marked parking spaces for the disabled people. The main entrance consists of revolving doors and additional hinged doors. On the side of the entrance of the hinged door there is an intercom that allows communication with the protection of the building, which can be used to access the main hall.

The entrance to the building is on the same level as the pavement and does not require the use of stairs or driveway. In the main hall of the building there is a building reception desk and the NCBR Information Point. The Information Point is located on the elevation and requires the use of stairs or fold-out ramps (by NCBR staff).

In the main hall there is a toilet and access to 5 lifts. To use the lift, building security or access card is required.

In the part of NCBR situated from St. Barbara Street there are two passenger elevators, a ramp for disabled people and a bicycle rack. To use the lift, building security or access card is required.

The building has access control system with access cards.

The NCBR reception is located on the 2nd floor next to the lift.

There is access to the toilets for the disabled people on every floor

On the ground floor of the building there are 3 dining options, an ATM. Next to the NCRD there is a pharmacy, the Musical Theater "Roma". At a distance of 93 meters, there is Post Office located on 81 Nowogrodzka Street.

Public transport

The National Center for Research and Development can be reached from Central Railway Station and SKM (Fast City Railway) trains, the Śródmieście Central Station and the Warsaw Commuter Railway - WKD Śródmieście.

At a distance of about 450 m, there is the station of the first metro line - Centrum Station.