Management and financing of national strategic R&D programmes defined in the National Research Programme that are directly focused on development of innovation are main tasks of the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR).
According to article 30, paragraph 1, point 4 of Law on NCBR issued April 30th 2010 (Journal of Laws No 96, pos. 616) NCBR takes part in realization of international scientific and development programmes including programmes co-financed from foreign sources.
According to mandatory regulations NCBR may collaborate with national and international entities within formal commitments on realization of  joint undertaking and act as partner, stakeholder, or shareholder of companies located in Poland and also in other countries.
Bilateral co-operation supports realization of NCBR mission aimed at  supporting Polish scientific institutions and enterprises in the process of developing their capacity to create research based solutions in order to ensure development of national economy and benefits for society. It strengthens position of Polish R&D entities in the world and European Research Area as well as in joint international undertakings.  

Before initiating contacts and signing formal commitments on bilateral co-operation with foreign partners NCBR considers and takes into account the following:

  • Common thematic priorities,
  • Economic benefits,
  • Experience of Polish partners and their best practices resulted from former collaboration,
  • Geographic vicinity,
  • Cultural and historic relations at the level of entities and states.