Polish-Chinese/Chinese-Polish Joint Research Call Call Text

I. Objectives of the call

The National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR), Poland and the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China have established a joint research call with the purpose of enhancing cooperation between Polish and Chinese research teams.
The call is announced based on the Letter of Intent for Cooperation in Joint Research and Development signed on 21 June 2016 between China and Poland.
The aims of the cooperation are as follows:

  • Enhancing Polish-Chinese cooperation;
  • Increasing and developing high quality research networking between researchers;
  • Exchanging existing and creating new knowledge;
  • Enhancing level of science and technology in both countries;
  • Increasing impact of Polish and Chinese research activities.

II. Eligibility

Proposals may be submitted by public and/or private entities that are eligible to participate in the call according to the respective funding regulations of the funding institutions. These can be public/ private research institutions ,higher education institutions and small and medium enterprises performing R&D activities.
The call is open to the following research areas:

  1. Engineering and technical fields, including mechanical engineering, instrumentation technology, power and electrical engineering, mining engineering, metallurgical engineering and technology;
  2. Energy science and technology, including the development of new energy, clean coal utilization, renewable energy utilization;
  3. Material science, including bio-materials, nano-materials;
  4. Environmental science and technology, including environmental protection engineering, water resource management; preventing pollution and deforestation;
  5. Food science and technology, including food processing technology and food safety;
  6. Medicine, including health and medical technology; medical technologies engineering including medical biotechnology, diagnostics and therapy civilization diseases, personalized medicine; new medicines;
  7. Information and communication technologies (ICT);
  8. Space research;
  9. Unmanned aerial vehicle technologies (UAV). 

III. Funding

Project partners will be funded by the funding institutions of the respective partner countries (Poland and China). The projects will be supported with grants of the national budget in accordance with the respective national funding regulations. The final selection shall be based upon the joint decision by the funding institutions. The applicable awarding institution will base its decision on the national evaluation procedure of proposals and within the scope of the available budget.

Each project may be supported with a maximum amount of 500,000 EUR for a period of 3 years. by each of the funding institutions .
The eligible cost in the call are the following:(No objection, each side decide according to the situation in its own country)

  • personnel,
  • equipment,
  • consumables,
  • travel,
  • subcontracting,
  • other costs.

The detailed information about the cost categories is included in the national regulations.

IV. Composition of consortia

Participation is open to applicants from the funding countries (Poland and China), including research institutions, small and medium enterprises and consortia consisting of both types of entities. Precondition for eligibility is involvement of Polish and Chinese entities. The level of contribution to the overall project costs should not be less than 25% for each country.

The funding institutions expect that the bilateral cooperation covered by the scope of this funding, will deliver significant synergy effects within the framework of projects to be funded. Proposals must therefore make clear why they should be developed cooperatively between the participating countries and what added value will be created through this collaboration. Projects that do not indicate why this cooperation is necessary cannot be considered.

The call targets existing research contacts between Poland and China in order to prepare joint project proposals as well as new partnerships between Polish and Chinese researchers.
Projects have to involve at least one Polish and one Chinese partner. The application has to present researchers involved in the project as well as clear division of responsibilities among the consortium members.

V. First call results

One hundred and forty-four (144) proposals were submitted to the Chinese side, while one hundred and thirty-nine (139) proposals were submitted to the Polish side. In total there were 110 applications that were submitted to both sides and passed the formal check. After the first round evaluation, 31 proposals were selected to go through the second round evaluation.

Based on the results co-evaluated by bilateral experts, the Joint Committee finally decided to approve 7 joint proposals for funding during years 2019-2021, taking into consideration the conditions mentioned in the call for proposals. The list of approved proposals:

List of the proposals

VI. Contact points

Potential applicants are advised to contact the national contact points before writing proposals to carefully check the specific national application and funding conditions.

The respective contact points are:

Contact NCBR:

Ms. Jan Osiński
tel.: +48 22 39 07 324
e-mail: jan.osinski-at-ncbr.gov.pl

Contact MoST:
Ms. SUN Xueping
Tel +86 10 58881370
e-mail: sunxp-at-most.cn