Third Call

Deadline for Submission –   January 15th, 2013


Poland and Israel are announcing the third Call for Proposals for joint R&D projects, focusing on developing innovative products and applications in all technological and application areas.
Applicants are expected to develop ready to market solutions or projects which have strong market potential for Poland, Israel and Europe.

MATIMOP/ISERD and NCBR will support joint R&D projects involving parties from both countries.
The program is managed in cooperation and in line with the procedures of Eureka-Eurostars innovation platform (
Approved projects will be provided access to the relevant national public funding scheme for joint projects provided by OCS (Office of the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Industry & Trade and Labor, Israel) and by the NCBR (the National Center for Research and Development) respectively.

MATIMOP/ISERD and NCBR will facilitate EUREKA application process and acquisition of the EUREKA label for accepted proposals. 

Call Launch and Structure

The Call is launched on 15 October, 2012 by NCBR and MATIMOP/ISERD.

Eligible partners are invited to present joint proposals for industrial R&D projects according to the following procedures:



  • The project consortia should include at least one Israeli and one Polish R&D performing commercial company. Participation of research institutes/universities is welcome as additional participants or subcontractors according to each country’s funding regulations. Research tasks eligible for funding by NCBR is research and development which should be understood according to the Act on science funding (Dz. U.2010 No. 96 position 615) excluding the basic research.
  • Companies from other countries may also participate, but they will not be funded neither by OCS nor by NCBR.
  • The project should have an obvious advantage and added value resulting from the cooperation between the participants from the two countries (e.g. increased knowledge base, commercial leads, access to R&D infrastructure etc.).
  • The project should demonstrate the sustainable contribution of the participants from both countries (minimum 30% of project costs per each country) and the project must be significant to both participants.
  • The project should be implemented according to the negotiated consortium agreement which includes conditions stated in Eurostars Consortium Agreement - Skeleton which is the binding document in Eurostars programme.

Any partner whose cooperative R&D project is consistent with the aforesaid criteria can apply to the present call in accordance with the National Laws, Rules, Regulations and Procedures in effect.

Submission and the approval procedures will be the following:

1. In the first phase, partners will be asked to present a short project outline via the following Eureka Project Form:


  • The completed electronic Eureka Project Forms of the phase 1 should be submitted to Matimop/ISERD and NCBR simultaneously until 15 January, 2013. The forms have to be legally signed by all participating companies and sent by the project leader on their behalf to NCBR and to MATIMOP/ISERD. The signatures must be scanned and sent together with the Eureka Project Form as an integral part of the application of phase 1.
  • Eureka Project Forms must include costs specified by all partners. The costs will be taken into account during negotiation of funding amount.
  • The submitted Eureka Project Forms will be evaluated by experts appointed by NCBR and MATIMOP/ISERD.
  • The experts will also evaluate the document Consortium/Cooperation Agreement submitted jointly with the application which terms will secure the rights of each partner fully, specify the project management scheme, regulate the issues related to intellectual property protection, expected commercial application of products and mutual relations of partners (rights and obligations).
  • The list of the selected projects for the second phase of the call will be discussed and approved by expert panels appointed by NCBR and MATIMOP/ISERD. The selection will be made by means of teleconference. The expert panel task will be selection of the best applications for the phase 2 of the call.


2. In the second phase, partners with approved Eureka Project Forms and cooperation agreements will be invited to submit their funding applications according to national procedures. Partners with Eureka Project Forms approved for phase 2 will be instructed by MATIMOP/ISERD and NCBR on how to complete submission of their funding applications. National applications shall be submitted in line with the national procedures which are applicable for EUREKA projects binding in Israel and in Poland.


  • National applications shall be submitted separately by each partner of the project consortium.
  • Expert panels appointed by NCBR and MATIMOP/ISERD will evaluate the submitted national applications.
  • The list of projects selected by expert panels will be consequently accepted bilaterally by NCBR and MATIMOP/ISERD by means of teleconference.
  • The application shall be consistent with Eureka Project Form.
  • The financing contract will be signed with each partner of the project consortium when the funding is agreed.
  • Project leaders in accordance with all consortium partners are obliged to report the project results annually and the achieved results of the commercial application when the project is finished to funding agencies. The scheme and the template of the reports consistent with the templates binding for EUREKA projects will be determined by NCBR and MATIMOP/ISERD.




Each country will fund its eligible participants within EUREKA framework. Funding conditions and eligibility criteria may vary from country to country. As summary, main aspects of funding criteria are explained below:



  • Partners eligible for funding in a project consortium are: a SME company or Large Company, Universities, Research Organizations however only a company can be a leader of a consortium.
  • The project should be developed according to the project funding contract, consortium agreement and in line with the information given in the Eureka Project Form.
  • Maximum project funding levels are stated in the Regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education dated 28 October 2010 specifying the conditions and rules of state aid allocated by the National Centre for Research and Development.
  • Funding is delivered in a form of advance payments. The first payment is made when the contract is signed and the following ones after delivery of periodic reports. For further information about financing of Polish participants please contact Polish EUREKA NPC.




  • An Israeli R&D performing company which initiate single or multi-year program that will provide know-how, processes or methods for the manufacture of a new product, application, technology base service or  process.
  • The product must have a sizeable potential for export sales.
  • Research institutes or other participants may apply as a subcontractor to a company.
  • The support is in the form of a conditional grant amounting generally up to 50% (+ regional incentives for companies located in "development zone") of the eligible R&D budget. Further details regarding grants and payment of royalties are available at the OCS web site.




Contact details:


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Iwona Bogucka


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Israel (Matimop/ISERD):

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