Cooperation Agreement

The cooperation between f the National Center for Research and Development andthe National Science Council of Taiwan is based on the Agreement on Scientific and Technological Cooperation. signed on 12 December 2012.

The agreement covers support and promotion of cooperation in science and research, in frame of bilateral and multilateral initiatives. The sides plan to undertake actions to launch a cooperation program aimed at establishing common Polish-Taiwanese research projects. They will also intensify existing national and international programs open to participation from Polish and Taiwanese partners.

The agreement defines the following forms of cooperation:

  • Support for actions necessary for identification of areas most promising for research and development
  • Joint research project selected for funding from NCBR and NSC carried out by bilateral teams
  • Support for mobility for young scientists of both countries
  • Other activities, specified jointly further


The first joint activity of both sides was a scientific seminar on neurological research, held in Taipei on  6 December 2012. Speakers from both Poland and Taiwan talked about the issue of brain ageing.

The second joint workshop was held in Poland on  12 September 2013 and was dedicated to material engineering, in particular graphene and other innovative materials.

1st joint call for proposals

The call was launched on2 April 2013.

It covered the following thematic areas:

  1. Neuroscience
  2. Renewable energy
  3. Environment – water resources, environmental monitoring systems, eco-innovations

Results were published on  8 October 2013. Six Polish-Taiwanese projects were selected for funding, out of which 4 are dedicated to renewable energy, 1 to environmental issues and 1 to neuroscience.

The projects are scheduled to start in April 2014.

The call was met with a great interest from Polish and Taiwanese scientific communities. To meet this interest the NCBR is currently preparing a second call, to be launched in  1st quarter of 2014.