The ERA-NET: Aligning national/regional translational cancer research programmes and activities - TRANSCAN-2 is a five-year project (2015-2019) funded by the European Commission under the EU framework programme Horizon2020. It is the continuation of the previous ERA-NET on translational cancer research TRANSCAN, funded under the FP7 from 2011 to 2014.

TRANSCAN-2 is a collaborative network of ministries, funding agencies and research councils with programmes in translational cancer research. The network is composed of 28 partners from 19 Countries. Its main objective is the coordination of activities of partners in the translational cancer research funding, avoiding the duplication of efforts and with a more efficient use of available resources. The project aims at deepening and extending the cooperation among partners through exchange of information, harmonisation of funding mechanisms and assessment of results of the funded research projects, facilitating the transnational cancer funding in Europe and thus contributing to the building of the European Research Area.

The specific challenge is to promote transnational collaborative approach between scientific research teams in demanding areas of translational cancer research, aiming at the integration of basic, clinical and epidemiological research to produce significant results of higher quality and impact, and share data and infrastructures.

Joint Transnational Calls
The ongoing TRANSCAN-2 project has launched four calls for proposals:
JTC 2014 (co-funded by the European Commission) launched on January 2015 on: "Translational research on human tumour heterogeneity to overcome recurrence and resistance to therapy", 16 projects funded.
JTC 2015 launched in December 2015 on: “Immunology and immunotherapy of cancer: strengthening the translational aspects”, 7 projects funded
JTC 2016 launched in December 2016 on: "Minimally and non-invasive methods for early detection and/or progression of cancer", 14 projects funded
JTC 2017 launched in December 2017 on "Translational research on rare cancers". 12 projects selected for funding.

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Coordination: The project is coordinated by the Ministry of Health, Italy

Dr. Silvia Paradisi
Project Manager
Italian National Institute of Health
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00161 Rome, Italy
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Or in NCBR:
Dominika Mickiewicz
National Centre for Research and Development
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