Food Processing for Health

Joint Action in pillar 2: Diet and Food Production

At the end of 2015, two projects were launched on the topic of the Joint Action ‘Food Processing for Health’ of the JPI HDHL in Research area 2, Diet and Food Production: LONGLIFE and ProHealth. The projects aim at innovative and scientific approaches to optimise food processing to better allow different foods contribute to or improve health. Both projects run for three years and started in March 2016. The total funded budget is about 2.5M€.

LONGLIFE - Food Fermentations for Purpose: Health Promotion and Biopreservation.
LONGLIFE’s goal is to deliver new knowledge on the fate and function of food constituents and determinants of bio-accessibility, bioavailability and efficacy of food ingredients to advance fermented functional food design.

ProHealth - Innovative processing to preserve positive health effects in pelagic fish products.
ProHealth proposes to develop a comprehensive toolbox of optimized existing and novel technologies for developing healthy, high quality, safe and sustainable fish products from pelagic fish species.

More information about the initiative can be found here: 

Programme coordinator in NCBR:
Kinga Szymańska-Rzeźnik
Department of International Cooperation
t: +48 22 39 07 457
m: + 48 505 673 613

Call Secretariat:
James Conway