Improving Work Safety in Mines

The strategic research project entitled Improving Work Safety in Mines is aimed at the development of organizational and technical solutions the implementation of which will lead to risk minimization and optimization of occupational safety in mines. Subjects of research tasks comply with recommendations of the commission which, as requested by the President of the State Mining Authority, investigated in the years 2000-2010 causes and circumstances of work accidents in mines. Results of those research studies are likely to be reflected in specific mining regulations and principles followed by mining staff in their everyday work, relating to designing of mining works, their execution, monitoring and risk prevention in mines.

The project encompasses 8 research tasks:

  1. New categorisation of natural hazards in underground mines and its experimental verification (consortium leader – Central Mining Institute);
  2. Principles of designing of exploitation works under correlated methane and fire hazard, including ventilation systems, in the underground hard coal mines (consortium leader – Central Mining Institute);
  3. Principles of measurements and examination of mine air parameters for methane and fire risk assessment in the underground hard coal mines (consortium leader – Orogen Mechanics Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences);
  4. Improving efficacy of orogen demethanation in highly concentrated mining in the underground hard coal mines (consortium leader – Stanisław Staszic Academy of Mining and Metallurgy)
  5. Preparation of employment policy in the conditions of climate risk in underground mines (consortium leader – Silesian Technical University);
  6. Solutions and measurement devices enabling performance of measurements and testing of cables and electric power conductors in excavations exposed to methane and/or dust explosion;
  7. Development of a functional wireless rescue communications system to be used in excavations exposed to methane and/or coal dust explosion;
  8. Development of a gasometrical system which rapidly cuts off power supply of machinery and equipment in the event of unexpected methane leakage from gobs to mining headings.

The implementation of the aforementioned research activities no. 1-5 started in 2011 and shall take from 12 to 24 months. Projects no. 6, 7 and 8 will start in 2012 and are scheduled for 18-24 months.