The purpose of the strategic research project entitled Integrated System for Reducing Energy Consumption in the Maintenance of Buildings is to come up with technical and organizational solutions regarding designing, building and occupancy of residential and public utility buildings, aimed at reducing their energy consumption and increasing the consumption of renewable energy sources.

The project includes 7 research tasks:

  • Study of socioeconomic possibilities and effects of raise in energy efficiency in civil engineering (contractor – University of Zielona Góra, activity completed);
  • Structure/materials and installations energetically optimal for buildings (consortium leader – Building Research Institute)
  • Increase in the use of renewable energy in civil engineering (consortium leader – Silesian Technical University);
  • Development of thermal diagnostics of buildings (consortium leader – Silesian University of Technology);
  • Optimization of energy consumption in buildings (consortium leader – Academy of Mining and Metallurgy)
  • Analysis of technical and operational constraints for buildings supplied with power from centralized energy sources (contractor – University of Zielona Góra);
  • Energy saving conditions and possibilities created by municipal policy instruments (contractor – University of Zielona Góra, activity completed).

The implementation of the aforementioned research tasks started in 2010 and will take from 12 to 36 months. The National Centre for Research and Development spent on them PLN 26.6 MM in total.
It is expected that the aforementioned strategic project shall contribute to the increase of energy efficiency in the construction sector. We hope that the implementation of our energy use and production improvement system shall result in a decrease in coal consumption as well as significant reduction of release of carbon dioxide and other pollutants to the air.