Prevention practices and treatment of civilization diseases - STRATEGMED

Objectives of STRATEGMED:

The Programme intends to face challenges of ageing society, the higher incidence of chronic diseases and in the end, to deal with the issue of rising medical service costs.

The key objective of the Programme is to achieve a significant progress in the treatment of civilization diseases and regenerative medicine on the basis of results achieved from research and development activities conducted in the following areas:

  1. Cardiology and cardiac surgery
  2. Oncology
  3. Neurology and senses
  4. Regenerative medicine

The Programme is to stimulate the innovation and competitiveness of Polish economy, particularly in biotechnology, biomedical engineering areas, by means of projects oriented to development and implementation of new methods used in the areas of: prevention, diagnosis, medical treatment and rehabilitation. 

Moreover, STRATEGMED will strengthen the international competitive position of Poland in the following areas: research and development activities in the scientific fields related to STRATEGMED, involvement of dynamic international teams of young researches and finally, know-how and new technologies transfer to the Polish economy.


Call - budget and procedures:

The allocation dedicated by the NCBR to the selected projects in the announced Call amounts to 360 M PLN.

Proposals shall be submitted by a research consortium, within the meaning of the Act on  the Financing of Science 30 April 2010 (Journal of Laws no. 96, item 615, as amended), consisting of at least five entities, including:

  • at least one research entity (a non-entrepreneur)
  • at least one entrepreneur within the meaning of Art. 1 in Annex I to Commission Regulation (EC) No. 800/2008 dated on 6 April 2008


  • at least two research entities or other organizational entities such as: regional authorities or medical entities.


The submission started on January, 21 with the deadline on February, 20.

Preliminary proposals shall be submitted only by e-mail: and shall correspond to requirements defined in Annex 3 to the Call’s Regulation.

Files to download:

Programme’s description (timetable is not valid)

Regulation of the Call
Form of preliminary proposal
Guide for applicants - eligible costs
Model contract
Classification of research and development activities for clinical purposes
Elements of a research consortium agreement - STRATEGMED
Any enquires concerning the Call please address to: