The strategic research project entitled Technologies Supporting Development of Safe Nuclear Power Engineering is a response to the demand for the country’s energetic safety optimization in the light of nuclear power engineering introduction to Poland. Its implementation is closely connected to that of „Polish energetic policy to be implemented by 2030”, a document adopted in 2009 by way of resolution passed by the Council of Ministers and to the adoption of climate and power package by the European Union.

The Project comprises the following research tasks:

  1. Development of high temperature reactors for industrial purposes (contents of bids are currently being studied);
  2. Research and development of technology for controlled thermonuclear fusion (consortium leader – Henryk Niewodniczański Institute of Nuclear Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences);
  3. Meeting the Polish nuclear power engineering’s demand for fuel – fundamental aspects (research network leader – University of Warsaw);
  4. Development of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste management techniques and technologies (contractor – Institute of Chemistry and Nuclear Technology);
  5. Study of possibilities and criteria for participation of the Polish industry in the worldwide expansion of nuclear power engineering (research network leader – Warsaw University of Technology);
  6. Development of nuclear safety and radiological protection methods for the nuclear power engineering’s current and future needs (research network leader – Central Laboratory for Radiological Protection);
  7. Study of hydrogen generation processes in nuclear reactors under regular operation conditions and in emergency cases, with suggested actions aimed at upgrade of nuclear safety (contents of bids are currently being studied);
  8. Study of processes occurring under regular operation of water circulation systems in nuclear power plants with suggested actions aimed at upgrade of nuclear safety (contents of bids are currently being studied);
  9. Development of methods and performance of safety analyses in nuclear reactors with heat reception disturbances under critical failure conditions (contents of bids are currently being studied);
  10. Development of a method and performance of an exemplary systemic analysis of the operation of a nuclear plant with a water reactor under partial association conditions (contents of bids are currently being studied).

Performance of research tasks no. 2-6 started in the autumn 2011 and shall take 24-36 months. Competitions for entities interested in the performance of activities no. 1 and 7-10 shall be held till 5 January 2012. The total pool of the funds allocated by the National Centre for Research and Development for all the aforementioned project-related research activities amounts to PLN 50 MM.

The strategic project shall link research performed by Polish research teams with that which is carried out abroad and provide Polish scientists and experts specialized in nuclear industry with training opportunities. Its implementation shall contribute to the solution of problems posed by spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste. In addition, the project shall lead to the adoption of legal and factual regulations on radiological protection, which, in its turn, will result in the increased social appreciation of the nuclear power engineering expansion in Poland.